Our Story

When the love for one’s work blends with over 30 years of artisan experience and high product quality, the result can only be excellent.

Alex, a company based in Campi Bisenzio (Fi), in 1984 gives life to exclusive shaped hats: unique models and totally Made in Tuscany, the result of the mix between ancient manual processing and use of noble raw materials, with a constant search for innovative techniques and attention to contemporary fashion. The sisters Tiziana and Patrizia, who grew up in their grandfather Benito’s workshop, now run the company with unchanged dedication and plot the secrets of the trade to the fourth generation, which has brought renewed passion and creativity to the company. Alex chooses to keep production in Italy and emphasizes the culture of Florentine craftsmanship ”, creating hats that escape seriality and make their uniqueness the distinctive feature of the product, a guarantee of recognition in the world. Love and care of people who believe in what they do: this makes the difference.



+39 +39 320 4254839

via Benedetto Croce 38 – Italy 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI)